Crusher, Kaiju Challenge

Hector mexia crusher concept 4
Hector mexia 1

First sketch, from this sketch I decided that stingray kaiju wich main weapon would be a harpoon would be a pretty original idea.

Hector mexia 2

Using clay and a mirror photofilter I made many of these organic shape explorations. I kitbashed the one's I liked the most.

Hector mexia 3

I traced over the kidbash, and then proceed to tweak the design and proportions, I came up with the first concept. but I was not happy with it, because neither looked strong or made sense how will it use it's tail to attack

Hector mexia 4

I sketched some more ideas until I came up with a strong looking monster.

Hector mexia 5

Next, I savaged most of the elements from the first concept, I went for a sketchy, pacific rim look.

Changed the harpoon hook for a a really big hammer, it fitted the character better.

Hector mexia crusher concept 4


Hector mexia crusher concept 4 back
Hector mexia crusher concept 4 hammer

A Kaiju design for a challenge

June 9, 2017