The reaper

Hector mexia 22x17
Hector mexia reaper 2

Original concept, a very stylized animesque robot, not very functional joints

Hector mexia untitled 1

Did some explorations in order to figure out the joints

Hector mexia secret weapon

Secret weapon idea?

Hector mexia bosquejo bueno
Hector mexia wip 2

Decided to scrap the original thin version,felt weak for a military type.

Hector mexia wip7

In this lineart reached a very functional and stylized look

Hector mexia reaper 8

Setting the mood and values

Hector mexia reaper 11

Was hard to say goodbye to the scythe shaped machine gun,but after placing the wall in the right place, y realized how much of a nuinsance would such long weapon be in narrow places

Hector mexia reaper 14
Hector mexia dos

According to my friends, the thumps up one was the best

Hector mexia reaper 20

Changed the composition in favor of diagonals

Hector mexia 22x17


My goal was to design a badass and functional killer mech

November 28, 2016